One Word

I'm joining in the one-word/one-photo
movement started by Susannah Conway.
In the spirit of brevity, here's my word.



Naquillity said…
and a good word it is. very fitting for your image today. hope all is well.
Why am I not surprised that you can match the perfect word with the perfect photo. I'll bet it would be fascinating to live in your mind!
Eryl said…
Such a super word, and so perfectly matched to the image.
joshi daniel said…
the shadows add a lot to the beauty!
Anonymous said…
perfect match! gorgeous shot.
Beverley Baird said…
What a gorgeous photo! Love the macro flower!
Great descriptive word as well!
It is a rose worthy of the queen with ruffles and lace. It is the sweet pink flesh of angels. I going on too word right? NICE!
Noelle Renee
will said…
When visiting galleries I never read the cards on the wall - except to check the artist's name. The deal - I let the photo or painting do all the talking and explaining.
Sam Brightwell said…

oo! you've given me an idea now.
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

yes ruffles is perfect - the flower is like a tutu...

happy days
And the most loveliest of ruffles it is!
deb did it said…
beautiful pink ruffles!

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