Sit in silence.

"Levels of Being" © 2010 Meri Arnett-Kremian



Naquillity said…
when i first glimpsed this image it made me think of kiwis. that aside, i think it's a good image to meditate on. hope all is well.
deb did it said…
I will take a good long dose of this....I could use some slow, still silence right now.
Eryl said…
This reminds me of how I used to sit for hours as a child with a kaleidoscope.
steven said…
very lovely meri. i'd love to know what your source material was. that always tells the beginning of the story of a mandala. steven
Meri said…
Steven, the "Source" material was that place inside me that needs to have connection with Spirit in order to repair and go on from a place a gratitude and wonder. When I look at the Mandala, I see Christian symbolism that I didn't consciously include (the 12 petals, the images of 3 that might be construed to relate to the Trinity) but that may have arisen from my subconscious given my religious instruction as a child.
Hello Meri. It is a beautiful Mandala, coming from a very deep place in you, clearly. I love looking at its richness, color and texture. It is very heart-opening with those little red flames surrounding the center, the core of the Self as Jung would say. Here is a nice link on Jung's take on Mandalas.
Ah...words seem appropriately inadequate.
A.Smith said…
Allegra asked me to ask you if she is the only one who sees "the beautiful trillium faces like some creatures from a very peaceful and friendly place. As beautiful as inside her [your] spirit" and she sends her love.

Beautiful piece.

rebecca said…
i need to find my place in this web of life.
i have missed you so.


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