I've been researching publishing options
because I've made a commitment to myself
to put my words into the world
in a more impactful way.

In the process, I've learned a few things.

1. I need to concentrate on creative non-fiction
 or genre fiction if I want to be paid 
for my work. Poets don't get paid 
for published pieces as a general rule.

2. If you put a poem on your blog, 
it's considered "previously published" 
and poetry journals and zines 
won't be interested in publishing it 
again (with very few exceptions).

3. Because of #2, I won't be sharing
some of my newest and best works here, 
at least until they've been published elsewhere 
and the rights revert to me.

4. That doesn't include poems 
in haiku form because there are so few 
publications that will accept haiku works 
that putting them online is the only way 
to make sure that anyone reads them. 

Besides, I love Haiku My Heart 
Fridays with Rebecca.

5. I'm open to suggestions on how 
best to keep my commitment to myself. 
I'd really love to combine
words and photo images.

Anybody out there have some wisdom to share?


Naquillity said…
have you thought of selling on Etsy? photographers sell there all the time and i'm sure if you can merge your poetry/ photograph together you could sell them there. this would be a short term solution to your book deal though. LuLu would be another choice you could look into. it's a self publishing website. hope these suggestions help. good luck with your venture. have a great day.
Thanks for sharing your learnings. I was surprised to learn that anything you put on your blog is considered to have been already published.

Poetry is so under-valued in our culture, it seems that unless one is extremely fortunate, self-publishing is the only way. I think your ticket is to pair it with your incredible photography.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Naquillity - combine your painting/photography/words into one and market them that way?

But it is surprising to learn that things on the blog are considered already published.

Good luck Meri, and keep us updated.
Not really sure Meri. I too was surprised that a blog was considered publishing since they can be deleted. I have a friend who published her own poems and they are selling. I don't think extremely well though. Yes, the photo and poetry idea is a great one, some kind of photojournal with poetry. I saw one once with Robinson Jeffers poems, all nature photos. It was quite beautiful.
Best of luck!
rebecca said…
i love you.
your courage is an affirmation, radiant and strong.
i wish i could lift the dark curtain of mystery...regarding your commitment. at the very least i offer my constant support.

thank you for your place in my
inspire me.
Martin said…
I self-published with Blurb. There's a link to my little book (Word of Eye) on the sidebar of my blog. You can preview the whole thing there. It might give you another perspective.
Unknown said…
Keep forging ahead. I don't know what I like best, your poetry or your photography.

Take care

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