I Am the Walrus

Before you decide I've gone 'round the bend,
let me explain.

I was feeling camera-lust.

I wanted to capture details.

And you know how I love blue.

And as for the You-Tube video,
well it speaks for itself.

I don't endorse the suggestion at the end,
though I have discovered a strange Showtime series
on On Demand called "Weeds."

Goo goo guh joob.

by a whale birthing post,
click HERE to visit Kendalee's
Dance of a Painted Lady.


I adore the walrus Meri. He is superb and the shots are fabulous. Love the video. It is totally okay to "go round the bend" anytime girlfriend!
Jeannie said…
I envy sea creatures.

And I love Weeds.
A.Smith said…
How easy it goes through that world of silence and blue shades. A bit of the "good envy" here. I wish I could move through my present world in the same quiet way. Ah, to be a walrus...

(You can make the noodles with any kind that will hold the sauce, btw.
Hugs, hoping to see you soon. I will post my schedule this week once it is confirmed.)
Ooooh the blues of your photos.

That sweet creature is checking you out isn't he? Amazing what such a hulking creature can do in the buoyancy of water!

Look at The Beatles - they look like babies!
steven said…
meri cool blues . . . weeds ... ys i remember when this one was coming and then i missed it so now i'll catch up!! steven
rebecca said…
all this glorious blue....
even as i have struggled all week to re surface, your under water view has me in savoring under water memories.
all my days of living on and in the sea.

thank you for this flood of beauty.
Wanda..... said…
Hi Meri, I am a new follower and fellow member of 'Mail Away', looking forward to exploring your blog...I invite you to visit 'Moments of Mine' too.
Naquillity said…
what great shots of the walrus and all that blue. thanks for sharing.

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