Movement from one place to another.
Sometimes from a place of light
to a place of darkness.
But then, squeezing out the other end
of sorrow, into joy once more.

Sometimes we willingly travel the path.
Sometimes we're sucked into the vortex
by forces too strong to resist.

All passages we must travel to arrive
at growth and resolution.  


steven said…
meri isn't that the truth. there are tunnels and vortices that you can see the beginning and the end of - even the sides sometimes - but regardless of their form or content you need to pass through them and see the "other side" which more often than not is the next passageway. steven
Rimkogeren said…
Thanks for your coment :-)
Fantastic. I am deeply impressed. Your blog is very interesting.
deb did it said…
wow...your strength with words are so powerful, insightful and thought provoking. I love to read you over and over.
Hi Meri,
This was profoundly moving to me, both the photo and the words. It reminded me of when my mom was quite ill and passing. It seemed like the world was about to end and all I could think about was getting from one day to the next to go and care for her and then go home and hide away, isolated. It took me a long time to push through that, but after she passed, I came to the other side of it, and found a new life for myself, got another degree and am moving forward. It was indeed a tunnel, a vortex, and then finally a passageway to to a fuller life. Thanks for your post. Tears here.
A.Smith said…
I love this in more ways than I could explain. The image is beautiful and the words bounced off the walls of my own vortex and echoed the feelings that I must keep going, my eyes firmly planted in the future and my heart firmly held by my love for life. You are a wonderful mirror, and I am grateful to have you in my life.
JP/deb said…
i love this ... yes, "all passages we must travel to arrive at growth and resolution."

some of these paths are harder than others ... but, making it to the other side is pretty darn amazing.
vagabond sister said…
the passage...the adventure of making it to the other side is what makes me feel alive!
niko said…
you got nice pictures here!

thanks for dropping by my blog..
Relyn Lawson said…
Our family is in a passage just now. It feels endlessly long and dark, too.
Elaine Yim said…
Beautiful and meaningful words!

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