Photography as Self-Expression

Photography is a form of expression
 that reveals not only who were are, 
but how the world appears through our eyes. 
There is some risk to this, but more importantly, 
there is that possibility that
 our revelation will touch another, 
heal some brokenness, 
lead us back to our wholeness. 
– Jan Phillips, God is at Eye Level

"Gray Sky behind Santa Maria Maggiore" © 2010 Meri Arnett-Kremian.


Oh my ... think I will just sit here a while and enjoy ...
rebecca said…

thank you for this...
Noelle said…
It is a beautiful photograph. Your words are particularly touching. A friend, who recently had breast cancer surgery and is in recovery needed cheering up. I sent her a post with some photos of flowers and a copy of your youtube video from your Venice Festival travels. She loved it. I believe it was very healing indeed. I thought that I would share that with you. I have been reading you for a while but just started following formally. I have a new blog. if you have a chance to stop by.
betty-NZ said…
Love the photo. Great subject for B&W.
You inspire me.
Thank you.

I can always use some more inspiration in this crazy ride called life. Scratch that, I always NEED inspiration. I have not made nice with my camera lately and I think I must before it's too late and anymore of this Summer has passed me by.
Wow, beautiful photograph and I LOVE that quote. I just took an intro to photography class this month and had such a great time. There is something so magical and powerful about photography...capturing a moment as it is, as it was...
I'm going to have to look for that book that you quoted from. Sounds interesting.

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