Guilty Pleasures

We all have them, even if we don't admit it.

Here's my list.
1. watching the Bachelorette and fantasizing about having man choices (at my age, that is pure fantasy)
2. being so enthralled with a book that I read all night
no matter how I'll feel the next day

3. taking photographs just because

4. having a drawer full of "Republic of Tea" flavored teas
and a lovely thin porcelain mug from Harrod's
 to hold my brew-of-the-day.

5. kissing little Logan in the crease of his neck
 and making him giggle
6. the plum-colored lacy bra and panties
 that nobody other than me will ever see
7. cashmere sweaters against my skin
8. going to movies in the middle of the afternoon
 when nobody's there and you feel as if
 they're doing a special screening, just for you.

9. reading my favorite blogs
10. fresh, handmade caramels
from a local store

11. golden raspberries eaten while standing at the vines

12. buying myself fresh cut flowers since no one else does

13. hummus and flavorful crisp crackers
14.  a monthly massage
15. believing, despite the lack of evidence, that someday I'll again love and be loved.

Okay, I've told you mine. What are yours?


Wow Meri! Fabulous! Well first of all I adore all of yours. I don't think that I can measure up at all. I love your photos. One of my big guilty pleasures is going to Peet's Coffee and Tea and getting a large latte Macchiato with vanilla and extra foam and reading a good book. Another is spending too much time talking too my online friends on Google buzz when I should be working on my thesis, a third might be reading other people's blogs which I love to do. A fourth eating muffins and drinking coffee with my advisor on Saturdays. A fifth, getting my hair colored (which I need to do), A sixth, taking special effects pictures with my android phone for 2 hours! A 7th, walking on the beach, 8th, imagining a love life (I know what you mean), 9th, spending way too much time cuddling with my cat, and 10th sleeping.
Kat Mortensen said…
Wonderful! (I'm sure you will find love again. Before I met my husband, I was sure I was headed for the nunnery!)

I've never had golden raspberries; are they good?

Love tea, love hummus, love a good book.

Somebody may see the plum undies yet!

I just bought some turquoise nail polish today and painted my toes and I NEVER do that!!!

will said…
Oh, there's no guilt associated pleasure!

But I do enjoy finishing a painting, printing a print, building something new ...

btw ... MOR = Middle Of the Road
sperlygirl said…
...and brave trips to Italy to photograph the world! ;) i so love your list. the tea, the raspberries, the flowers and those caramels all look so amazing. xx
Naquillity said…
what a beautiful post. it's truly the small things in life that make the biggest impact. as for finding love again, i think you will. it's gotta be in the cards. and the raspberry. i've never ate one either. i'm sure it's great though. who doesn't like to read books. it's a great way to take your mind off things while enjoying some quality time with yourself. hope all is well. have a great day.
Eryl said…
Golden raspberries, I must look out for those. This is such a great, inspiring list, I might do my own in my journal, at least. Actually, my journal, full of clippings and odd thoughts is one of my pleasuriest pleasures. Another is reading other peoples journals, published of course!
Jennifer said…
When you think about - what's so "guilty" about guilty pleasures? Okay, maybe the caramels - but they are so lovely and small in that perfect turquoise dish. My corresponding "guilt" are sticky buns from the Austrian baker a few blocks from my office.
beth said…
i live on that tea....well only the vanilla almond, but still, i live on it !

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