Haiku My Heart: Poem on a Wall

such surprise these words
inspired, catching me off guard
poem on a wall

(as I told Bonnie, saw this "Wall Poem" 
in English near the French school in Rome).


Love them both!

There are delightful surprises to be found in some graffiti these days!
rebecca said…
i love this! this urban hand print. these intermingling poems..these lives we share.

thank you for this clever heart pounding joy!

I Love It. I loved it more each time I read it. It reminds me of some of the honest abstract thoughts that my three year old shares in her wise old soul but with limited vocabulary to match up with the right words.
Eryl said…
Such creative use of a wall! Love 'hair curled to the music' beautiful.
~JarieLyn~ said…
What a wonderful find.
beth said…
oh how i love finding stuff like this....a little message from the universe.....

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