Bad Photos Repurposed

Oh my gosh!
I found a use for really bad photos.

You know what I mean.
The ones that are out of focus
or not well composed.

The ones that you should have thrown out,
but didn't.

Turns out you can do this. . . .

"Indigo, Sage and Mustard Mandala" © 2010 Meri Arnett-Kremian

with just a couple of clicks of a mouse
using Corel Paint Shop Pro. 

This lousy shot

becomes this:

"Egyptian Mandala" © 2010 Meri Arnett-Kremian

Who knew?

(And on another note, far more brilliant,
please don't miss Rebecca's post
Her words will ripple out around you
like rings in a pond after the stone
has pierced the surface, just as her words
will pierce your heart and nestle inside.)


Love this effect. I tried it on LunaPic and got some amazing results. Thank you for the link to an exquisite, touching poem.
rebecca said…
mandalas...incredible! i must try, goodness knows i have much photo grist for the mill!!!

on a completely different note, if i am ever disciplined enough to write a book,would you write the reviews???

i love you meri, more than all these words.

Great idea, Meri! The kaliedoscope effect is always calming...
Alan Burnett said…
Nice. I have found that Photoshops' watercolour filter is a similar lifeline for out of focus shots.
Anonymous said…
Wow, thanks so much for sharing this great idea! I have MANY photos that could use a bit of beautifying!

Best wishes,
kendalee said…
Great effects - how amazing.
Carol said…
Very cool! I love the effects!
~JarieLyn~ said…
Wow, these are terrific. What a great way to turn crap into gold. I love them both but that first photo is really awesome.

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