A View of Italy (Close Up)

I'm in a place of quietude,
appreciating the sacred in my ordinary day.
So I'll let this slide show without words
that I put together do my talking for me.

Hope you don't mind.


Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

Each one of those lovely images must hold special memories for you...they also brought back great memories for me...especially the shutters...

Happy days
Lovely slide show! Awesome photos and great music to enhance viewing!
A.Smith said…
Oh so lovely. You have the ability of bringing back the sweetest memories, and I am so happy you had time with a Grandlove!

I just posted about the results, if you have a minute just come over. I hope you can come down as I would love to see you.

Enjoy the sunshine, sunshine you ;)
rebecca said…

just thin those quiet words down to a soft haiku...

my heart.
Alan Burnett said…
No words were needed. Simply beautiful.
Lovely. I'm going to have a limoncello lemonade with dinner.
Naquillity said…
didn't mind at all you sharing your photos in such a creative way. your music choice simply enhanced the viewing. beautiful photos. what editing software did you use for this video, if you don't mind my asking?

sorry for my long absence. i've been busy with family, etc... hope all is well.

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