A Little Presentation

I put together a little presentation
to showcase some of my favorite
photographs  from Venice.
I wanted to post it just to my blog,
but experienced technical difficulties.

So I posted it to You-Tube.
I hope you like it.

It's put together using royalty-free music
and Photodex's ProShop Producer.


Delwyn said…
Wow Meri

That is a wonderful holiday - learning -experience you have had...

You have captured such incredible images...you clever girl...
I did try to watch yesterday...

Happy days
rebecca said…
i am so thrilled you could go out into the beautiful world and bring a
delicious slice of it home to share.

Alan Burnett said…
Beautiful photographs of what must be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
deb did it said…
WOW! That is an awesome sideshow....the images pulled me into the screen.
kt said…
I am so glad you put together a slide show simply wonderful! great way to start off my day here.
Sheila said…
Your slide show reminds me of flipping through the pages of a top magazine. The images are so artfully presented. Looking forward to seeing more of Italy

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