Some guys just don't get it.

They make total fools of themselves,
just to get some babe's attention.

This one thinks he's supposed to drum
to call his would-be mate
by pecking on my downspout. . .
the one outside the master bathroom. . .
early in the morning of course.

Doesn't he know
I need my beauty sleep?

And judging from the number of days
he's been at it,
I'd say the bird girls in the neighborhood
aren't all that impressed.

he IS
a handsome devil. 


A.Smith said…
We had one of those and it was on the corner of the house, of course right next to our bedroom window. His bill must have been flat by the time he was done.

I will be thinking of you and your dear Mother. Please let me know not only how is she doing but you as well. Sending healing thoughts to her and hugs to you.
Eryl said…
Goodness, he is a pretty chap, the girls must be very fussy.
Kim Mailhot said…
some times those big hunky ones are a little short on the smarts...

Light and love to you, Meri !
Sandy K. said…
Gorgeous bird! Though annoying, at least you can understand "tis the season":)

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