Secret Gardens

 Do you have a secret garden?

A special place you seek out
when the busyness of the world frazzles you?

A place you go when you need to ground yourself
and hear the whispers of nature?

Is your special place wild or tame?
Manicured or spilling over?

Do you get up close and personal with nature
or view it from behind glass?


rebecca said…
spilling over, wild, comforting, rich with ancient trees, unmovable boulders, thick with bird song, armfuls of surprises, always giving, always willing to take me as i am.
foxysue said…
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foxysue said…
As a child wild harebells always had a special place in my heart, as they grew in a special place near my home, I would look for them each year. They have miraculously started to grow just under my kitchen window, where I gaze at them through the bliss bubbles!
Well Meri,
First of all I adore your new banner. It is beautiful and fills me with a sense of the rebirth of Spring. Secret Garden,well, I love to go to Alice Keck Park Memorial Park gardens in Santa Barbara. I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the city and there is a huge koi pond in the center with a gazebo. There are trees and flowers of all kinds and one can spend the day there sitting and drawing or having a picnic lunch of wine and cheese. When I was a child we would go to the Huntington Library in Pasadena and the Arboretum in Arcadia. I guess those were my gardens.
Beautiful post.
Ruth said…
I want to dive into your images, each one presenting a different sort of solitude I seek.

I think I'll go out in a bit and walk in the meadow, where I am most drawn for this. It's chilly, but maybe I'll find some morel mushrooms, and peace.
ellen abbott said…
mostly it's my yard and I prefer wild to tame, up close and personal.
Lorrie said…
Anywhere that's natural - I live close to the beach and to the mountains, and love them both. Even getting out into my garden is a wonderful retreat. There's something very healing about nature.

I particularly like the first photo - rocks, water, trees - YES.
Needed that moment of zen.

Thanks Meri :)
lisa said…
stunning photos!
Monica said…
i'm fortunate to be surrounded by woodland. but my one of my favourite areas is secret paths winding to abandoned ruins.

there's nothing like mystery, history, and solace.

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