Letting Go of False Hope

Sometimes we have to let go
of hope that we've nurtured
far too long. . . . .
hope that's heartfelt but fraudulent. . .
a little lie that keeps us
from acknowledging what truly is
from throwing off the past
so we can move in a new direction.

Aspens © 2010 Meri Arnett-Kremian

In taking the risk -- in letting go
we have to trust
that new dreams will fill the void
left by saying goodbye to false hope.

We have to believe
that the sun will come out again

and fill us with radiance
even if we've not done a good job
of tending our own light.


Olivia said…
This is breathtaking, Meri, and I apply it to my life today. This is what I am doing, letting go of false hope..thank you! xoO

Tending my own light,
I saw the picnic table
blaze with holiness.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Anonymous said…
so beautifully stated, meri. so beautifully stated.
gma said…
Sometimes we hold on too tight.
When we finally let go it comes to us freely.I see your light shining.
rebecca said…
once again...
your beauty and candor ignite the hearts of those around you.
gratefully reestablished on holy ground.
foxysue said…
The sun is very kind shedding light and warmth, bringing comfort to all.

Sue x
Beautifully said Meri. Sometimes we turn our hopes into fantasies of what may be. They are fed by our thoughts and grow bigger and more believable. It is sobering, but oh so liberating when we break free..... We've all been there at one time or another.
Reena said…
Beautifully expressed, Meri. Exactly how to live!
Such a beautiful picture of the aspen! Very nicely done. I did so enjoy your post today! Cathy
This is very well-expressed Meri. Sometimes time-nurtured fantasies are much like old stories that no longer serve us, but we "grapple them to our souls with hoops of steel" as Polonius once said, thinking that we cannot live without them. The liberation of letting go is an epiphany in itself for many of us I would imagine. Beautiful images.
~JarieLyn~ said…
Meri, this is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I am struggling with this very thing and I've been hanging on to false hope for far too long. Thank you for shedding some light into my life. Very well said.

thank you....
Beautifully said. Love your aspen painting!
Beautiful words, you said it so perfectly with such beautiful pictures :)
podso said…
I'm so glad to have visited you and read your beautiful words. You stated what many of us feel, but you did it so well.

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