Share the Joy Thursday: Today's List

Items on today's JOY list

* * *

water splashing in fountains

sunflower bundles in metal pails

when the Muse comes to visit
and I soak up Kuan Yin energy

sunny days (even if there's a layer of fog)

fluffy cats with long whiskers

carousel horses

going to the Pike Place Market

a little dose of bagpipes

(I do have a drop of two of Scottish blood)
but please. . . no haggis!

* * *

What gives you JOY?

To play along and share the joy:

1. do a post that tells and shows us
 what gives you joy.

2. capture the URL of the specific post 
and paste it into the Mr. Linky box along with your name.

3. visit other players -- as many as possible -- 
and let their joy infect you.  
Leave them a comment about their post.

Let's start an epidemic of joy!

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deb did it said…
Mr Linky is not here...but I am celebrating my JOY here

and I celebrate YOU and Pike market shopping days!
Joanna said…
I’m passing on to you a blog award I recently received. I hope you are pleased to be the recipient of The Stylish Blogger Award. You can find out about it by visiting my blog at
Sorry I posted my name twice Meri. The first time I didn't put the right url for my blog post. I love your images. My mother's favorite flowers were sunflowers. I always see them as such a happy flower and I also associate them with Van Gogh's paintings. Your Kuan Yin images have been a great inspiration to me ever since I have known you. She is after all the Asian Madonna in so many ways, but her presence is so soothing. I adore fluffy cats because I have one and who doesn't love a carousel horse and shopping! Bagpipes...well... not so sure about that, but I suppose on a good day.
Great post Meri! O stylish one!
tami said…
sunflowers! Love them! Love your Share the Joy - something to look forward to each week : )
ellen abbott said…
I'm thankful that the cat came home after being gone for 24 hours even id she is being a pill right now wanting to go back outside.
Dani said…
I went on a carousel recently. . . i was to big for the horse. It was one of those two level carousels. . .and us being, well, us decided to go on the top floor. All the horses up there were small and awkward to get onto. Despite this, it was fun. I want to go on it again! :)
beth said…
i love's always in my top 10 of beautiful things
Kim Mailhot said…
What gorgeous joy you have captured !!!
Oh, that see fog with that coastline would be a treat for my soul. Wow !
May the simple joys surround you today, Beautiful Meri !
Anonymous said…
Kuan Yin has a tear of flower petal JOY!

Dawn Elliott said…
Every single one of your pictures gave me a dose of joy this morning! Well done, Mari...just beautiful!
i LOVE your Kuan Yi
The Linky thingy is contrary sometimes, isn't it? Still, it gives me joy to say: Thank you for directing people my way!
Heather said…
Oh the bag-pipes!!! I've always been so intrigued with them.

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