A Hint of Mystery

Here's another encaustic mixed media piece
 from my exploration last weekend.

It combines layers of clear wax, 
a touch of red, yellow-gold and lots 
of titanium white encaustic paint, 
layered handmade paper with Asian chop
 and medallion images, and layered text 
printed on tissue paper with words like

hidden knowledge
sacred energies

Atop all these layers of paper and wax, 
all fused to the board one at a time with a heat gun,
I distressed the surface, 
then rubbed it with graphite. 
I removed the excess graphite 
with super-fine steel wool.

Voilà - the finished piece.

The way I see it,
it never hurts to embed a bit of soul
and a lot of sacred energy
into an art piece.


I'm sure it's there whether we see the actual words or not! Seems like a neat process Meri. What size is that piece? Is it done on wood or can it be done on a canvas board?
ellen abbott said…
very cool. these are postcard sized, right?
Unknown said…
This is just beautiful, thank you for sharing your process. This pass summer I was part of a encaustic workshop, and had so much fun. Your post makes me want to run out and purchase a few supplies and start creating with wax.
Laura said…
"it never hurts to embed a bit of soul
and a lot of sacred energy
into an art piece." Couldn't agree more Meri!
rebecca said…
i am thinking a bit of soul embedding
every chance we have.
life, words, art, deeds....
lovely work. i am so enamored.
never stop!
Anonymous said…
I can tell there is much embedded mystery in this beautiful piece....I sooo want to play with encaustic!

What a fabulous piece of art...you can see more as you look at it! Hidden wonders! ♥
shirley said…
Wow, how beautiful! I love the Asian characters melded in.
gma said…
There is something sacred about clothes on the line.
I think it is a connection we have with the spirit of women.

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