Haiku My Heart: Marionettes

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Hanging by a Slender Thread © 2010 Meri Arnett-Kremian

hanging by thin strings
everything you do, scripted
by another's hands


With respect, I do hope you are wrong. Although I suppose there are times in life when it certainly feels that way. Lovely pairing of your words with your image Meri.
Kim Mailhot said…
Ah, but we own the scissors too ! ;)
Happy Friday, Lovely One !
Meri said…
I meant this quite literally -- marionettes are puppets controlled by a person, after all -- but so many people live unintentionally, reacting to people and situations as if their strings are being pulled by an unseen hand. All you insightful people looked beyond the obvious..........
Spadoman said…
Lovely Meri... I see it this way. We think we are in control, but we are not. We can control some things, but never what another says or does,or what nature can do in an instant. The puppet is held by strings, and movements scripted, as you mention, but when the strings are set down and in no ones hands, then what? Anything can happen. (when you pick them up the strings are tangled, right?). Just sayin'
Love the haiku and the photo!

joco said…
As long as it isn't predestination, I'm well content. Like Kim says, we have scissors :-)
Nice starting point for thought..
Very thought provoking!! And the picture is beautiful! Wishing you well! Cathy
Ramesh Sood said…
This made me take a pause and think.. lovely..
Full-On-Forward said…
I'm your puppet,yeah
dangling by a golden thread
NO control I'm dead.
Sandy K. said…
Wonderful! And the image flashed me back to my childhood when my own Hansel and Gretyl and my sister's Red Riding Hood and the Wolf enjoyed many a "controlled" play date!
Who writes the script for the puppeteer?

Haiku My Heart
Uma said…
How true! Beautiful haiku.
Grammy said…
Thanks Meri, it makes you think. And I agree. But I too am a rebel at times. And try to do things my way. I much enjoyed your post today. : )
These marionettes look like they are from the Venice trip that you made. They are so elaborate and elegantly costumed. Beautiful. It is a stunning image. I like your haiku very much.
One of my favorite lines from an Edward Estlin Cummings poem:

"you being in love
will tell who softly asks in love,

am i separated from your body smile brain hands merely
to become the jumping puppets of a dream?"

Thought you might like that.
Anonymous said…
Food for thought indeed.

All the best, Boonie
Becky Chalet said…
Well said in so few words!
foxysue said…

I love the expressions on the faces of these puppets, maybe this is how we look when someone is trying to control us!

Thank you for this topical post,

Sue x
rebecca said…
for the simplistic haiku...
this is a STAGE FULL!!!!

wild pairing.

(oh, that's what you are hoping for!!!)
gma said…
The marionettes and your words are gorgeous. Sadly some people ARE manipulated by another's hands.

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