Haiku My Heart: Egypt

To revel in the beauty of words
strung together like carefully matched pearls

Then, flush with inspiration,
join in with words of your own.

Philae at Dawn © 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian

sunrise brings a new day
governments fall, people cheer
ancient stones listen


joco said…
Hiya Meri,

Such dramatic framing in the image to support your timely haiku today.
This is simply beautiful. It is poetic, regal and as magnificent as the Egyptian people who have struggled, suffered and finally triumphed after protesting for three long weeks, and living under the iron fist of Mubarak for 30 years. Thank you for this lovely contribution. I did not haiku today, but this would have been the perfect thing. I am glad it was you.
Spadoman said…
Meri... I like the concept of the ancient stones listening. In the Native American beliefs, the rocks are our Grandmothers and Grandfthers as they have been around for all time and have seen everything mankind has done. They hold all the wisdom.
Like those rock pillars will see this new dawn and the change, for good or for bad, as they were standing when the first guy took over.
Great image! Did you take that photo? Fantastic.

Those stones have been silent witnesses to so much. Beautifully presented Meri - so timely.
rebecca said…
profound in word and image.
so perfect...
i fall silent, rejoicing.
Ramesh Sood said…
Just now I wrote a comment on Berry's Haiku on EGYPT.. same here..for you..

New Sun arises
To find a nation laughing
Touch wood, everyone!
Anonymous said…
Very topical and delightfully portrayed.

All the best, Boonie
Nanka said…
Those magnificent structures have a wealth of history stored within them. Time goes on and they remain silent spectators.
A new dawn has brought new hope to the people today!! Agree completely with what Ramesh Sood has to say here.

Have a great weekend!!
Dianne said…
a beautiful and touching post
foxysue said…
If only the stones could speak,
and we would listen,
then maybe we would wise-up!

Thank you for this striking image and haiku,

Sue x
Kim Mailhot said…
Prayers for every one of us as we make huge strides... I love the last line so very much !
ms pie said…
a most wonderful world we live in... to witness the world changing before our very eyes... we are as the stones witnessing all and taking everything into our hearts as a whole wherever we go... a most beautiful photo and ku
Johnny Nutcase said…
nice composition on the photo, great post!
paper-n-soul said…
Yes... so perfect, to acknowledge the history of us all. Ancient stones - wonderful.

Sometimes the simplest words say it all. Thank you, Meri.
Anonymous said…
oh what a poetic beautiful haiku! love this!

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