As the Day Fades. . .

Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space. 
It does not seek anything in return;

it asks not whether you are friend or foe. 
It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished. 
~Michael Strassfeld

May the silvery moon hanging in my sky
light your way tonight.

p.s. these shots were taken about 6:45 pm 
Pacific Daylight Time today
just down the hill from my house.
A matter of five minutes makes such a difference
in ambient light.


These photos are so beautiful!! the scene by the water is just lovely and the colors vivid yet tranquil. I am so glad that you caught that incredible moon. I saw it the other night and all I had was my phone camera with me. I don't have a camera that would do it justice anyway, but you--you have brought the goddess out to dance for us. Thank you for the gift of light. Fiat Lux!
foxysue said…
Meri, I'm loving your pics and musings! I'm transported somewhere else, thanks.
steven said…
the morning light is beginning to shine its face on my world around seven and is entirely gone less than twelve hours later. as the year moves on and the light fades away so does my gratitude for its presence become even more amplified. steven
Really wonderful!!! The sunset is beautiful in its metamorphosis! The picture of the moon is just grand. I am linking your post to today's Adventure Tour Express. Really do enjoy your posts! Cathy
Anonymous said…
Goodness - these photos are just superb. As are the ones in your previous post - that hummingbird shot is superb!
Meri said…
Noelle: The colors were even more intense, with a coral color reflecting off the water, when I left home and rounded the corner to where I could catch glimpses of the water. Unfortunately, there was no good photo taking place, so I had to work my way down the hill and back to unobstructed views. In the 5 - 10 minutes that took, the sky had turned dusky. . . but still beautiful and there were nice silhouettes.

FoxySue: Glad you like it.

Steven: In tune with you on the gratitude issue.

Cathy: Thanks for linking me. Glad you like the post.
Meri said…
LadyFi: Thanks -- I'm always amazed when a hummingbird hangs around long enough for me to grab a camera and get a shot off. And I couldn't resist the sunset pics last night. So glad I had the camera with me.
Wonderful pictures Meri! The last shot of the moon is da woo, as my grands say.
EG CameraGirl said…
Beautiful shots, Meri!
Sandy K. said…
Lovely sequence, Meri, and even more wonderful is the fact that these are so close to your doorstep! I had to sigh, and imagine myself on your front porch, grabbing a camera alongside you. Thanks for the dreaming.
raji said…
so elegant,,..i wonder how do capture so beautifully.
quilly said…
Gorgeous shots, Meri! I am in awe.

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