55 Flash Fiction: Trying to Hold On

It was the year she ate almost nothing, 
listened to ambulances scream in pain 
outside her gritty apartment windows, 
and bought a Saturday night special.

The year she obsessively watched reruns 
of the twin towers collapsing. 
The year she realized life 
is a mechanical bull and 
her inner thighs weren't 
strong enough to hang on.

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Brian Miller said…
oh dang...love your descriptors...this has great texture for only 55 words...nicely done.
Teresa said…
This is such a powerful descriptive piece. Well done!
G-Man said…
And what year was that?
Always leave em guessing, thats what I say.
Excellent 55.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End
forever lost said…
AWESOME!!! so glad I came by! AWESOME!

(Look g-man...no ax no bloody picture! no therapy for me! LOL)

I have one too, http://jennasboots.blogspot.com/2010/10/friday-55_29.html
Bubba said…
I can feel the despair and anguish, Meri. Heavy 55!

(And I won't even mention anything about strong thighs)
Dulçe ♥ said…
really good...great description of a moment, a day a year...
Great 55!
PattiKen said…
Excellent. You bring the reader right in with her.
Lulda Casadaga said…
I want to learn/hear more...
Jannie Funster said…
This is a mini-masterpiece. Devastatingly sad, but very well done.

A good friend of mine took a class recently and did a blog post on suicide. It really was well done, I learned a lot.

deb did it said…
Meri, you are such an amazing writer.I shudder at your graphic relevance. I could read 55 more!

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