Little Shops

I love wonderful little shops with names like
Bliss  or Dwell or Luxe  or Posh.

Places with one-of-a-kind finds handpicked by the owner.

The kind of shops where sweet scents say "welcome"
and everywhere you look, you're delighted.

The kinds of places where I'm surprised to find
things that say ME in no uncertain terms.
Not that I always have to take them home,
you understand.

I'm paring down, not filling myself up
with stuff I don't need, no matter how enticing.
(OK - that's a goal. . . but I'm working on it. )

But oh my, it is a treat for the soul
and a field trip for artsy-types.


Great shots. Very well captured.

Darryl and Ruth : )
steven said…
superb pics and really you have the essence of the esperience in your words. i too love these little shops very much for their unique variety of finds. steven
Jinksy said…
A wander around such shops, my friend and I used to refer to as 'having a good mung' - not buying, just seeing what's on offer and maybe having a feel or a sniff occasionally! Long may you 'mung'! :)
deb did it said…
lovely eye candy! Just imagine what we will see in a few weeks!
kendalee said…
Lovely treasures! I find that I'm increasingly satisfied with looking and not buying, although for me too, it remains more of a goal than a reality just yet. I feel the shift though and that's good.
I have started trying not to purchase "things" that really don't way "want" to me. I have a lot of those items...I need to stop buying because then I just have to dispose of it later. Wishing you a grand week! Cathy
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Glenda/MidSouth said…
I love shops like that, but need to stay away. :D You did a great job of photographing it all. I also am trying the get rid of and not add on.

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