Rainy Days and Mondays

It's grey again this morning.
Drops of rain hang at the pointy edges
of maple leaves at the tip-top
of the graceful maple
outside my upstairs window.

The uppermost leaves are showing
their seasonal fashions,
but the lower ones are still
garbed in green.
They don't seem to have noticed
that change is in the air.

Grey days sap my energy.
When it's sunny, I'm ready
to take on the world,
but when a blanket of clouds
settles between me and the Sun,
I just want to hibernate.

This day is different.

This morning,
my little friend visited,
hovering a few feet away
so I'd be sure to notice.

Notice I did. . . 
and felt the same surge of delight
I always feel when I see 
that flash of green, the ruby throat,
the wings fluttering faster than 
the speed of imagination.

It's hard to think about hibernation
when your heart has been touched
by a shamanic visitor. 

Today, I am writing.

Just sent off an essay on nanny harassment
to be published on the new website
that's about to launch.
(Watch for my announcement).

Three short stories finished and shared so far,
one to go for my online writing class
on short fiction/prose.
I'm testing my fiction wings there,
in a safe place.

I'm getting ready for Susan Tuttle's 
new online class Ghostly Figures.

A new week has begun.
Birds are chirping and calling to each other,
a symphony of sound.

And I'm thankful.



Anonymous said…
oh that first leaf photo is gorgeous! and your friend, so dear. i am very excited to hear of your new ventures and wish you all the best with them. take care meri.
steven said…
hi meri, this is a lovely post that wanders through the helix of your current experiences. my dad used to remind me that living things - especially animals - cross our paths for a purpose, usually to share some sort of information. not so much a letter as a reminder. birds don't know about days of the week or even weeks. they don't seem bothered by rain. i'm sure there's more!! steven
~JarieLyn~ said…
Your pictures show the warmth peering through the gray. I'm so happy that you are writing and I am excited to hear more about the launching of the website your mentioned. I am looking forward to reading your article on nanny harrassment.
beth said…
that first photo is perfect and really embodies the feel of autumn...
Anonymous said…
I would have thought those little guys would have checked out by now and moved south. This one must love the cooler weather!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful post. Wonderful photos. Thanks for this.

All the best, Boonie
deb did it said…
gorgeous photos. and oh those tiny little wings....but for YOU Meri....FLY ON SISTER....you are soaring to new, unknown heights that will fly you into the next phase of bliss....I really believe this.

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