Haiku My Heart: Sunflower

her heavy head droops
as she realizes she 
is doomed to die

cut off from the source
she cannot worship the sun
destiny foiled

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Naquillity said…
sadly their beauty fades. wonderful verse/ pic. have a great day & weekend.
EG CameraGirl said…
How sad. Luckily it will produces seeds so new sunflowers will bloom next year.
Both the haiku and the picture are beautiful. Some of the duality you mentioned in commenting on my post about the death of Phoenix. We pick flowers in order to enjoy their beauty, and in so doing we cut them off from the source.
paper-n-soul said…
Another powerful one today... very poignant. Sad to see them slowly wither and die...

Beautiful photo. Haunting verse.

Well it looks like we are on the same page today Meri. I didn't see your blog until just now. How synchronistic! It is beautifully sad. Mine is filled with sunflowers but a much different take. Have a look if you have time. I love your Haiku. Yes, there is the seed of rebirth within this verse despite its sadness. Lovely photo.
turquoise cro said…
She bows her head and offers her sunflower seeds to plant or eat!!! YUM! Such BEAUTY!
Abi said…
I love this Haiku.
Stephanie said…
She may be destined to die, but she is giving us such joy in her life!

Spadoman said…
That's pretty darn good, the message and the photo. Yes, the flower dies away, but not really, you know, with all the seedds and all, and the cycle of life. Every being has four seasons. This one is right where it is suppose to be. Very nice.

rebecca said…
dear meri,
i arrived home so late from the studio...so lovely to find your beauty here.
i was your faded sunflower, filled with a summer heart...but oh so
your haiku
a perfect reminder to return to the garden.

i love your place in my heart.
your seeds of promise
sow fresh hope.
Relyn Lawson said…
WOW!! That first one. Oh my!

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