Haiku My Heart: Rock On

I know this isn't traditional haiku
in any way, shape or form
(except for syllable count).
But I'm stressed today
with my organizer Amber here
to work in the garage,
wonderful efficient Amber
who needed much more help
than I had time to give
what with company coming
for a party on Sunday afternoon.

So here it is.
In your face. 
Non-traditional haiku.

If I were a song
I'd be noisy rock n roll 
18 til I Die.

For more Haikus,
Join Rebecca for Haiku My Heart Friday.
The others will be more to your liking, I'm sure.

And if you want to hear Bryan Adams
sing the original 18 Til I Die, click HERE.

And if by chance
you're interested in photo memes,


Kim Andersen said…
rock on definitely :)
Spadoman said…
I love it! I'm an old rock n roller, I love the guitar shots too!

Dianne said…
Traditional or not... it rocks!
Delphyne said…
18 "til I die....a true Rocker!! Wonderful haiku!!
rebecca said…
never doubt your rock'n self!
this is thrilling...

deb did it said…
Meri...this is wonderful..really! ROCK ON SISTER!
Sarah said…
That's great! And I love the guitarist's tattoo! I loved your graffiti photo too.
Alan Burnett said…
An inventive haiku - and some good links as well. Thanks
Abi said…
Thank you for popping by, and thank you for your warm comment about my loss :O)
Ok, so what exactly is 'traditional' Haiku? my mentor did not speak of such things! LOL
Abi said…
ooh, one more thing... I am sorry you lost your pup when you were away... must have been awful for you and your son x
turquoise cro said…
Rock On Sista! DANCE ON TOO!!!Wheeeee! I still feel 18!!most days! Nothing like music to UPLIFT your spirit!, that's for SURE!!!
Love the guitars, and the haiku!
steven said…
nice meri!!! i got to thinking if i were a song what i would be. can't pin it down. think i'd be the place music comes from. steven
christina said…
love your haiku and adore these photos! : )
Lucrecer said…
haiku friday...no way! i love it and your haiku.
JP/deb said…
this is AWESOME!!

rockin' out here in Seattle,
Anonymous said…
you rock, meri.

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