Fascination with Haiku

I'll give you a haiku-less post tomorrow
but for today, another one.

stone tears coalesce
cling somehow to an eyelid
sorrow  spilling out 


beautiful haiku and image
Well done. Picture is lovely too! Cathy
Reya Mellicker said…
What a beautiful picture. Gorgeous poem. You should write whatever you want here!
Naquillity said…
so tenderly written. very expressive and beautifully done. i think everyone needs to express their sorrows occasionally so as not to let it consume them.

your day lily haiku is really nice too. love the fireworks line. have a great night.
Jinksy said…
The gentle side of sorrow...
The photo reminds me of a Herman Hesse novel, Siddhartha. It is a beautiful and heart-opening haiku about the sacredness of tears. Profoundly tender.
Sydney said…
Lovely. Haikiu's always escaped me. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I don't write on that one enough anymore, now that I spend my days writing in a full time job. I hope you come back again!
ELK said…
quiet brilliance .elk

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