Friday, February 5, 2010


The most powerful symptom of love

is a tenderness which becomes at time
almost insupportable.

- Victor Hugo

Do you remember
first meeting
your first child
and how it felt to fall in love?

I remember right after Brendan 
(the new Dad in the photo above)
was born, one of the first thoughts his father,
a natural warrior, expressed was

War is so stupid.
It's such a waste.


What are you doing
to foster peace?


lakeviewer said...

Oh, a beautiful picture here of father and son. Life is precious!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Tenderness is the word - so beautiful to see the love in a father's eyes.

Peace? The best thing we can do as individuals is to create peace around us and be peace within. I try to make that a priority.

Jennifer said...

So, this means you are a new grandmother? Congratulations! The look on your son's face is beautiful.

Peace? I have been thinking about this myself. You know that my job is about keeping people from their acting out in their worst behavior. But, there is more than that that we, I, can do.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful moment you have captured.

the moments when i saw my children for the first time are very precious. i remember the look of wonder in their eyes, the perfect features of their faces and how right they felt in my arms.

congratulations on being a new grandmama!

Allegra Smith said...

Everything within my power. From marching in the sixties when I could do it under the power of my own feet to having believe for years in micro-credit to provide for life, instead of taking from it, around the world.
We are ardent supporters of Medecins sans Frontiers and Kiva.

And to smile at strangers. And to talk to those who seldom hear a nice compliment from a stranger. And to write and write and write to deaf congressman and senators about extending a hand without a weapon. When would they ever learn?

mouse (aka kimy) said...


congratulations - is this your first grandchild? brendan is beaming!!!!