Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tender Graces

My book club met last night
to discuss Kathryn Magendie's novel
Tender Graces.

It's a novel about the events and people
that shape our lives,
that touch us
for good or ill.

Virginia Kate, the book's central character,
is born in the mountains of West Virginia
to two parents who fell into an unlikely love
and tumultuous relationship,
neither having the capacity to adequately parent
their daughter or her brothers.

Pushed and pulled between battling parents,
forced to endure trauma children should be spared,
Virginia Kate is a survivor
who has to deal with the hurts of the past,
the lure of connection,
and the difficult task of forgiveness.

And for those of us who loved Virginia Kate,
Kathryn has written a sequel.
It's coming out soon and will be called
Secret Graces.

Here's the trailer.

I would have posted a photo of my book club,
but I couldn't find one where everyone looked great.

If you have a book club,
Tender Graces makes a great read.
Everyone really liked the book
and it engendered great discussion
about parenting, step-parents, bonding,
the capacity of some people to endure terrible childhoods
and emerge strong and functional.

Tomorrow I'll post some of the interview I did
with Kathryn (Kat) about the writing of the book.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

ah the answer to my query!!!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Meri - What a great review! Congratulations Kathryn - I'm going to purchase one!

steven said...

meri i finally got your blog up linked to mine! hurray! i really like this review. my book club - me and four really bright creative women!!!! - read one book a month and head out for dinner where we talk about the book for about ten minutes!!! the books are almost always spectacular. but i read tons anyways. i'll be back for more meri! steven

Delwyn said...

Hi Meri

I am looking for a read whilst travelling shortly. I want to continue with Genji but can't carry him...so he will have to be put hold...
I have looked at this book before...think I may have had a visit from the author even...so thank you for the review...
I'll pick it up at the airport - they have the best book shops.

Happy days

Meri said...

My book-loving friends: Just wanted you to know that Tender Graces is available for Kindle devices for 8 U.S.D. As I told Delwyn, I'm a lover of printed books for many reasons, but instant gratification is not one of them.

Susan Tuttle said...

thanks for the tip on this book -- sounds like a powerful story Meri:)

Delwyn said...

Hi Meri

I called in at the book store, actually walked along the cove into town which wasn't a good idea...it must be well over 30C...anyway there was no sign of the book so obviously it is not released here yet...that does happen...

I don't think I'm a kindle sort of kid either...

Happy days

rebecca said...

at the moment i am reading The Help.
every single word is perfect. i am spell bound and dole the chapters out like a rich soul pudding i must savor in increments.

have you read The Glass Castle, jeannette walls, it sounds like a twin of a book to your
Tender Graces.

thanks for your insights..i was so reluctant to allow The Help to finally come to and end. having a great read all lined up will help, some.


Kathryn Magendie said...

Hello Meri! Thank you so much for your kind wonderful words about TG *smiling* and please tell your book club they have all my appreciation, too.

Delwyn, -- if you asked for tender graces, it should have come up for them to order it if they didn't have it in stock; however, if you asked for Secret Graces, then you are right-it won't be released until April!