Monday, February 1, 2010

Mosaic Monday: Details

Being in the world,
eyes wide open,

the magic is in the details.

Subtle gradations in light and shadow,
in texture,
in sheen.

Take it in.

(And to take in all the lovely mosaics
posted in today's meme,
visit hostess Mary at Little Red House.)


Eryl Shields said...

I love this meme, the way you handle it, at least; I haven't got round to looking at any others. But I must!

red or gray black and white said...

your work...always my inspiration meri!

lakeviewer said...

Beautiful. Is this your work?

HeartFire said...

Those are great Meri! I love doing mosaics... I clicked on your link and spent quite a lot of time visiting the mosaics. I may have to do a Monday.

rebecca said...


i am at Orme School teaching mosaics for the week with wonderful students.

heart warming!!


Relyn said...

Oh, I do like your details. A lot!!

kt said...

the shades of whites you picked and the images all lead to a very romantic feeling.

kt said...

one more comment i love the new banner!