Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Poetry Slam: An Offering from Rumi

There is some kiss we want
with our whole lives,
the touch of Spirit on the body.
Seawater begs the pearl
to break its shell.
And the lily, how passionately
it needs some wild Darling!

At night, I open the window

and ask the moon to come

and press its face into mine.
Breathe into me.
Close the language-door,
and open the love-window.
The moon won't use the door,
only the window.
- Rumi



Reya Mellicker said...

It is one of my very favorites. When I read it, I think, "Wow. Rumi was so brave!" I don't have the nerve to ask the moon to come in. Yikes!

lakeviewer said...

Stunning verses. I love Rumi's work.

Delwyn said...

Hi Meri

that Rumi was amazing wasn't he?

thanks Meri

Kaotic said...

A random click of the mouse brought me here, and boy am I glad! I mean, I get to read Rumi for starters. :-) The last two lines of the poem...love it.

Bagman and Butler said...

I'm glad somebody is opening a window. Bagman comes home all the time with slivers of glass in his lips.

Poetikat said...

This IS beautiful. I love that seawater begs the pearl...
(I confess, originally I thought you had written it yourself.)

Meredith said...

Thank you for that poem!