Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There's Something About It

There's something about Venice,
the bride of the sea,
that draws me back,
that pulls me as if it were my home
in some time long forgotten,
in another life.

"The Heart of Venice" © 2005 Meri Arnett-Kremian

Perhaps it's the gentle lapping of the water,
the mist that makes things vanish and reappear
like magic. 
Mist means spirit to me -
spirit made visible, 
dancing in light,
muting the sounds of the everyday world.

Maybe it's the rich sense of history,
the turning a corner into surprise,
the visual smörgåsbord beckoning 
through every passageway
and across every bridge.

It might be because I went to Venice
with someone I loved
truly, madly, deeply.
I can't disregard the possibility that my dreams
of Venice are tied up with him
even though that romance, riveting as it was,
and that journey I was blessed to take
with someone so woven into my psyche,
are just memories from my past.

Perchance it was the sense I had
that each new place
was somehow familiar,
that the spirit of the place
was welcoming my soul back
to a place it was once embodied.

It might be one of these things,
or all of these things,
but I know one thing:

 Venice calls to me.

How shall I answer?


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Well, this exquisite ode to Venice and the captivating photograph seem like a great 'answer' to me. If you can do more ... whatever that may be ... do it! I dare you.

angel said...

Meri, I have never been but have often felt that mysterious call as well. Go....I say answer the call!

Delwyn said...

Hi Meri

you have the answer to that one!

I love what you did to that image of the grande canal.

I loved Venice too and wish to return to spend a month or so exploring all those little alleyways, museums and waterways. Did you read 1000 days in Venice - the first of a wonderful series of books by a US writer living, loving and cooking in Italy...I've just remembered her name, Marlena de Blasi.
I loved the series.

go go go...but look for something different...otherwise you may be sorely disappointed, you can never recapture those once in a lifetime feelings...

I get those connecting feelings too about places...almost like the body remembering the secrets of a live lived before...
I feel it in Japan.

Happy days

sperlygirl said...

you answer with a simple, 'i'll come back!" :) warmly, s (bella tribute to a beautiful city - and let me know if you head this way)

ELK said...

meri . i see and feel the spirit of this image and your words delight !

mouse (aka kimy) said...

wonderful it certainly has stimulated my wanderlust - and kicks italy, and venice up on my list of 'must visit' places! ah, that darned bucket list keeps getting longer and longer!

Kaotic said...

I sighed after reading this lovely post. Go, go,

kt said...

it is time for a visit! i love venice too, and i have gone many times by myself, and each time it feels like a love affair, and same as sperlygirl let me know if you do come, maybe all three of us could meet for lunch.

Stine in Ontario said...

I have never been to Venice but it's on my wishlist. This postmakes me want to go all the more.

Jennifer said...

I've been, and not only understand, but share that inexplicable pull in my blood. I'm planning a trip...because there is only one answer - GO.

Beth Nicholls said...

Hi Meri

Thanks for stopping by. I am sure you will love the July workshops. An Artful Journey is a very special experience and I think a number of people are returning for the July retreat. I'd go myself but it's a little far from England to go twice in four months!

Just be sure to clear your life for those few days so you can soak up every magic moment


Anonymous said...

its funny how we associate places with certain people. venice has always fascinated me. i have never been there, but would love to visit one day.

Olga said...

Meri, years ago I had a chance to visit Venice, and I am too called back to it. Stumbling on your post reminds me of the way it inspired me years ago. I took so many photos there --before cameras were digital. I would also love to visit there again! Making a trip to your beloved spot in Italy would be worth it! I join with the others in saying, Go for it!