Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sepia Saturday: Mom and Dad

It's Sepia Saturday again.
So let me introduce you to my parents.

Before they were my parents.
Since my father isn't wearing a wedding band,
I'm going to guess this was taken while they
were just dating or during their engagement.

Dad was too young to join the military 
when World War Two broke out,
but as it was winding down he joined the Navy
and went to flight school. The whole shebang
was over soon after and he was sent back
to civilian life and went back to finish college.

They met in Eugene, Oregon 
where he attended University of Oregon and
a small church college called Northwest Christian College.  
My mom was a music major at N.C.C.
and my father was studying to become a minister.

They married before my mother graduated.
My dad went on to graduate school at Butler University
in Indiana and my mom worked "putting hubby through."

They were married for around twenty years
 before parting company.
 I'm not sure they were made for each other.
But still, I'm sure the decision to divorce was not made lightly,
given the stigma divorce still had in the late 60s,
especially for a minister.

A sad counterpoint to last week's
Valentine love story.

But weren't they a beautiful young couple?
I think my dad looks a lot like a young Jack Kennedy.

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The Clever Pup said...

The first thing I noticed was that your Dad looked like JFK. Thanks for sharing your story. My dad was 16 when the war finished but was required to do a stint in the Army.

willow said...

Wow, you look exactly like your father, Meri! Yes, he does look a bit like Kennedy.

MuseSwings said...

JFK was my first thought upon looking at the picture too!

Betsy said...

JFK was my first thought, too! It's a lovely photograph...they look so sweet and young! I majored in music in college....and married a pastor's son. :)

tony said...

Yes, They Are A Photogenic Couple. Your Dad 's got a fine head of hair here!
They Shared A Lot Together & A Lot That Lasted.

Barbara said...

It's true. He looks just like JFK and I can't think of anyone better to look like. They do make a nice looking couple. I wonder what happened. Although being married to a minister would be tough. There's a story there.

steven said...

meri - what a photo!!! both were really attractive people. so many marriages hit that twenty year wall and then have nowhere to go because they've gone all the places. my mum married a minister's son - they lasted fifty plus years. against all odds. steven

Barry said...

I have to say JFK was my first thought as well. They were certainly a good looking couple.

Martin H. said...

Your dad certainly does have the Kennedy look. Sad that things didn't work out for them.

My parents divorced in 1963 and, yes, there was much stigma attached.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

ah but they were made to make you!!! and we are all glad they did.

they are a strikingly attractive couple. from what I've heard the minister's life is very hard - both on the minister and on families - which may be contrary to conventional wisdom. I'm sure that was very difficult for them to have made that decision especially at that time.

John Hayes said...

A very handsome couple--& Mouse had a great take on the marriage. Still, I imagine it was hard on them & on the family as a whole.

Alan Burnett said...

As soon as I saw the photograph I knew it reminded me of someone but it was only when I read the post that I realised, you are right, it is Kennedy. It is something about the pose more than the face : such confidence, such a bearing.

Poetikat said...

I have to chime in with everyone else and say the first thing that came to mind was John F. Kennedy. I'm not sure whether it's not mainly the hairstyle though.

At least they must have had some happy times, judging by this photo.


Anonymous said...

ha. that too was the very first thought that entered my mind. JFK.

beautiful couple.

beautiful daughter!


PattyF said...

I agree about the JFK thing. They are indeed a handsome couple.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought this was JFK, from my reader thumb pic! Where's my glasses?

Pop was born at the end of the war and Mom's pop missed 'em both. Too young for the first and too old for the second...

curious girl (lisa) said...

me too! before I got to your words at the end of the post, I was totally thinking jack.

Stephanie said...

I noticed your dad's resemblence to JFK too.

Kaotic said...

Oh yeah, the resemblance between your Dad and JFK - striking.

Mel said...

I love photos of fresh new couples, completely unaware of all that could came after that picture was taken. Many marriages from that generation fell apart in those days, just like today. Thanks for sharing the story of your parents, and the great picture.

podso said...

Yes your dad does look like JFK, and has that same thick set of hair. I'm sure this photo is precious to you in spite of how their marriage ended.

The Silver Fox said...

Yup, add me to those who agree with the JFK look. It's certainly helped by the hair.