One of Those Days

It was one of those days

the kind when there are little stirrings of wind
and puffy little clouds decorating the sky

and you just know that you're going to see
a spectacular sight
when you get to a certain place
along the highway on the way into town
and you're not disappointed.

Some days there's no haze
and the mountain looks twice as large as normal
and you think you could reach out and touch it
and ooohhhh - wouldn't the mountain be lovely today
with sailboats in the foreground?

So on your way to the Farmer's Market
you take a little detour
and head down to the historic area
so you can see Mt. Rainier
poking its head above the harbor.

The Farmer's Market and Harbor Greens
will still be waiting in a few minutes
and tomorrow might be cloudy.


beth said…
meri...the mountains where you live are just spectacular !
will said…
One of the top things on my list of "things to do"... is hike the Wonderland Trail. This time of year and I'm checking maps and sorting backpacking gear. One of these days ...
Delwyn said…
what a presence that mountain has.
I like the shot in the country best.

Your very own Fuji (yours is bigger!)

Happy Days
Meri said…
Delwyn -
Me too. It's somehow more majestic, floating there about the trees.

The Wonderland Trail that Bill mentions is a hiking trail around Mt. Rainier that is extremely challenging. If you do the whole trail, it takes 10 to 14 days to complete. Only about 200 people a year manage the whole thing. As I told Bill, he's a better man than I am to even consider it (but I guess he's a better man in any event).

Beth, I agree that our mountains are spectacular, but remember that sometimes the really spectacular ones get aggravated and blow their tops. And Wisconsin has cheese!
Dave King said…
Great narrative, good piece of writing, and the photos were splendid too.
Bee said…
You get to see that every day? Oh my goodness. What a stunning shot . . . it looks like the mountain is floating above.
Mrs. E said…
Just beautiful and majestic! All I can say is WOW... I can't imagine seeing this on a daily basis!
ELK said…
thank you for sharing this window into your world ...on a beautiful clear day!
Wendy said…
Hey, thanks for participating in Small Town Snapshot Sunday! (Although in your case it looks like Small Town Snapshot Saturday.) But for those lovely photos, what the heck! I hope you'll join us again next week! :)
Relyn Lawson said…
OH. Oh. I just wanna come home. You make me miss the Pacific Northwest. So much. Can hardly wait for July.

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