Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Object of Art

The object of art
is to give life a shape.

- Jean Anouilh, French Playwright (1910 - 1987)

Art and the creative process
keeps me sane, engaged,
and totally present.

It forces me to look at things
in unconventional ways.

What part does art
and the creative process
play in your life?

And if you're not allowing room
for art or writing or photography,
how would your life change
if you made serious time for creative play?

You won't have more time
in the future.
The only time any of us have
is right now.

Are the choices you're making
shaping your life
in a way that pleases you?


poefusion said...

Hello Meri~ Love the way the water dilutes the things above the surface. It causes the eye to make its own images.

I think I would have to say right now I am pleased with the direction my creative self is taking. I've enjoyed its journey. Have a nice night.

Delwyn said...

Hi Meri,

My life at present is all walking, photography, writing, being creative, ...I am blessed...

Happy days

beth said...

oh, the choices I'm making right you have an hour or FIVE...because right this moment, my life is filled with changes....some with choices, some without and cripes my mind is busy !

Anonymous said...

I've always written - mostly for myself. I've always been interested in art and dreamed of being able to paint; but had never tried it until recently. I'm no artist, but i really enjoy the feeling of putting paint on canvas and creating. photography is another joy i have become particularly focused on recently. creativity in the kitchen is something i thoroughly enjoy. i always feel like i need to tweak a recipe to make it my own.

i am trying to encourage my kids to let loose their creativity and enjoy.

Meri said...

Yes, each of you is SO creative! Michelle with her poetry, Delwyn, Beth and Kamana with their photography. I'm sure Michelle dreams poems. Do the rest of you sleep with your cameras on the nightstand so you can get an early start each morning?

Bagman and Butler said...

Incredible must have photoshopped it just a little bit. Vibrant!

ELK said...

magical color meri
me? gardening and collage...

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh, I love these lines of yours
You won't have more time
in the future.
The only time any of us have
is right now.
There is so very much truth there. During the school year, I often feel as though there is no time for the things I want to do. But. I have a whole month of mornings ahead of me to make what I want to of them. Ah ha.

Bee said...

That picture is a poem; truly.

I admire how on-fire you are right now. I sense that your creative juices are really flowing. GOOD FOR YOU.