Beer With Me

I'm not a beer drinker,
not at all.

I can't stand the way beer smells or tastes.

Give me Diet Coke with lime instead
or a mango-raspberry Margarita
if I'm feeling especially daring
and someone else is driving.

But no beer please!
I really don't like beer.

But what I do like

is lager, ale and beer bottle art.

How cool are these?


Hog heaven.

Pretty darn cool.


Michelle said…
I see somebody else takes photos at the market...
Meri said…
I know. I'm the crazy woman with the camera in the beer and wine and produce sections. It's just so colorful and organized and enticing! Glad to know that I'm not alone.
deb did it said…
I love the labels and LIKE most of the contents!! I loved trying all those strong brews when I lived up there...ANYTHING to help make me warm, but some of those brewskies can grow hair on your chest!
the art and the names .. you're so right. but as with books, you can't always tell a brew by its cover.
Bee said…
I'm with you on the drink choices, but those beer bottles are pretty irresistible. Today I bought some hard cider at the grocery store . . . just because I liked the bottle. (It tasted alright with barbequed chicken, but honestly, I would have preferred a diet coke!
Delwyn said…
that's interesting - do all the good creative artists get snapped up by the beer industry...because we have some great labels too.

I do love a cold corona with lime in the summertime....

I haven't had a coke since I was a kid...too sweet and cloying for me.
My little tipple is a good New Zealand Sav Blanc....

I will keep my eye out for some good Aussie beer labels

Happy Days
MJ said…
I'm not a beer drinker either but Belgian raspberry and cherry beer are my exceptions!
Susan Tuttle said…
these are just great Meri! -- I am lovin' the labels and would really love a few sips of those beauties:)

Your cheesecake trifle sounds amazing! -- i had my hubbie pick up some rhubarb on his way home -- i made strawberry rhubarb pie for the picnic after all:)
poefusion said…
I don't like beer either, Meri~ Give me a Dr. Pepper w/ cherry syrup in it and I'm a happy camper or a sweet tea. I loved the art on that Coney Island Lager though. That was my favorite. Hope all is well with you. Have a nice night.
Unknown said…
Thanks for visiting Perfect Moment Project and checking out Hank's final at-bat.
His folks come from Colorado, so I'm gonna buy him a six pack of Fat Tire when he becomes of age.
But just down the road in Tempe, Ariz., we've got Four Peaks Brewery and some cool labels too.
Relyn Lawson said…
Very cool! I love that you are a woman who can find beauty and inspiration anywhere.
a few years ago I went through a stage of taking labels off of beer and wine bottles that reminded me of friends and family members, matting and framing them and giving them to the person as a present.... it seems such a shame to have all those gorgeous labels just end up as trash (or rather recyclable material)

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