Friday, May 22, 2009

Refracting the Light of Awareness

Each artist is a facet of God's unfolding infinite vision,

refracting the light of awareness in his or her own particular way.
- Alex Grey

How are you shining the light
of your awareness into the world?

And if you're hiding your light,
then the question is
(as Dr. Phil would say)

"How's that workin' for ya?"


Barbara M said...

Beautiful words and so true!

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

i think if i share what i feel (blissful and peaceful) when I create or make something that's how i shine my light, and hopefully i am a diamond ;-)
hugs to you

poefusion said...

Hello Meri~ I can't say I hide my light because I write about the little things which makes me happy or something I've seen which I think will interest others. I can only hope it touches someone else's heart the way it did mine. Hope all is well. Have a nice weekend. And, thanks for stopping by my blog. See ya~

Anonymous said...

Wow, your artword is beautiful! I'm so glad you stopped by and visited so I could find you. Thanks for leaving me a comment!

Yep, it's so true what you said about tacking the "nice" descriptive on someone when we have nothing more exciting to say about them (especially when setting up blind dates). But "Nice" IS a good thing that's gotten a bad rap because people confuse it with being spineless or sappy.

Delwyn said...

Hello to the beautiful Meri,

Your post reminds me of a little song we used to sing at Sunday School - another life time ago ...

Jesus bids us shine
like a pure clear light
Like a little candle
shining in the night
in this world of darkness
so we can shine
you in your small corner
and I in mine....

Funny how these things stay with you...
The song is born out of the 'don't hide your light under a bushel' bible passage but I think in the big scheme of things we can read it in just the way that you are suggesting.

We can shine our light through our intellectual, artistic, humanistic, philanthropic...whatever endeavours

but on a day to day basis I think we shine just as brightly and most effectively, through the very simple medium of Kindness.

Happy Days

Bagman and Butler said...

Just when I think you can't get any more beautiful! You really need to publish a coffee table book. I'd buy it at Barnes and Noble without even waiting for it to go on clearance.

Anonymous said...

your words always provoke deep thinking :) i like that