Photos, Zen, and Blessings

One should really use the camera
as though tomorrow you'd be stricken

-Dorothea Lange

"Photo Meditation" copyright 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian

sometimes the things
that bring you lightness of spirit

are things you never expected
to see in a million years

and yet
there they are

just waiting
for you to stumble upon them

just waiting
to make you laugh out loud

just waiting
to make you dance for joy

and (if you have your camera at the ready)
just waiting for you
to freeze-frame the moment
so you can recapture
the ecstasy
whenever you want

we find the blessings we seek
without even knowing we're looking

we give the blessings we are
just by being truly ourselves


How were you blessed today
in ways you didn't expect?

How did you extend your blessing
to others?


mina said…
What an awesome quote. Thanks so much for posting it. I'm glad I happened upon it:)
Delwyn said…
Great message Meri,

the universe just showers us with these blessings...and when you stop to look really closely there is more to the blessing than you thought at first...a double blessing

and also extra blessings when you load the photos and see something that you didn't notice when shooting the shots...that's a triple blessing...

Oh Happy Days
Anonymous said…
the rain. i have been blessed today with rain, after months of dry earth.
HeartFire said…
Love the quote and thoughts... Meri, did you get an answer about the photo group I saw in a post somewhere? I am in that photoartjournaling yahoo group too, and hope you join us - wonderful themes for books of photos we do about every 6 weeks!...
julochka said…
great reminder to keep my birthday resolution of always having my camera on me....

excellent pic of the monks. i love it.
poefusion said…
Meri, this is a beautiful post. And, I love that picture. Where were you when you took this picture, somewhere overseas?

Your poem is definitely a source of inspiration. I think small blessings can be found if only one is looking. I love the little things that life gives, most. They are the treasures the heart carries forever.

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