Undeniably Cheerful

I'm undeniably cheerful.

The sky is blue
and the sun is shining
even though it's still a bit nippy temp-wise.

I brought some of these

home with me yesterday
and they're now smiling
all over my kitchen.

I've got a hair appointment,
a new book to read
while the color does its thing,
then time to meander
with my camera
before meeting friends
for dinner and a musical
"Girls Night Out."

Life is sweet.
I hope you feel it, too.

What five things fill you with delight today?


sam brightwell said…
Oh, I intended to buy myself flowers today and forgot ... and yours do look so beautiful.

5 things?
Well, although the day started grey, and has ended up windy and cold, the sun did shine during the middle part.

Rubin and I walked to the Post Office, and admired all the hawthorn in blossom along the way.

I decided not to do any housework today.

We went to the park this afternoon and I got to sit down with a friend whilst he ran round with some other kids his age, and ....

it's Friday! Bright Blessings
beth said…
oh, I'm a sunflower lover, too...they honestly brighten up the entire house, I swear !
Meri said…
Samantha, I love your list. It's so ordinary and therefore so profound. And you're teaching Rubin such lovely things about how memories are created.

Beth, aren't sunflowers just the most cheerful, in-your-face flowers? You just can't be grumpy around sunflowers. They don't allow it, not for one minute.
deb did it said…
Today I am filled with the opportunity to attend a local Art Walk, sip delicious wine, sew at my dining table since the studio is too hot, admire my freshly mowed lawn and have enough money to buy a plane ticket to visit my Mom in Florida for Mothers Day! ah LIFE IS GOOD.
julochka said…
sunflowers can always cheer one up, can't they? and a hair appointment too. my 5 things on friday were glorious weather, fantastic sculptures in an enormous park, poetry on the streets of oslo, a day on my own and coming home.

hope your weekend was lovely!

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