Saturday, May 2, 2009

In the Pink

What's your favorite color?

I go back and forth,
but today,
a day of misty grays and spring greens,
my favorite color is

The delicate pink of the unfurling magnolia blossoms,
the more intense hue of its tight buds.

The in-your-face "notice me pink"
of the flower stand
along a country road.

The sweetly old-fashioned pink
in paper ephemera
and vintage wanna-be.

The baby-girl pink of little heart-shaped soaps,
smelling sweetly of carnations
or tearoses

The mottled pinks and peachy-pinks
of tulips, opening up and showing
their blushing cheeks to the sun.

The sunset and sunrise pinks that dance
with the boundless blue sky,
so purely painted by the Divine Artist
that the colors can't quite be replicated
by mortal artists, no matter how talented.

I'm in the pink today.

What color paints itself into your soul?

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Bee said...

What gorgeous pictures, Meri. I like the delicate pink of the magnolia best. That is my favorite color for roses and azaleas, too.

As for my all-time favorite, it has to be blue -- which has even more moods than pink, I think.

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

beautiful pics! I love pink as well, but can't seem to pick a favorite color, love them all!
Come visit me sometime at the wildflower studio blog :)

Michelle said...

I do! It's

I started this blog after a trip to Italy in March, and as a way for family and friends to scroll through way too many photos.

The blog is slowly taking on a life of its own... and is becoming a new hobby!

Unknown said...

Your images are lovely. I brings me back to younger girlish days. Thanks for sharing the beauties of this world.
Now, as I get more mature (euphemism for older)I am more into purples and sometimes when the mood seizes me, autumnal colors appeals most.

Anonymous said...

i've never been a pink person myself, although i love the pink of the magnolias. its difficult to decide what colour i am... depends on the day. i'm very much into leafy green today :)

Meri said...

With all the blues & aquas around you, it could be blue. Everyone who hasn't seen your blog ( should definitely take a peek. I've linked it in my "More Lovely Blogs" sidebar because I've just discovered you and others should too.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I used to be very adverse to pink, and snidely claimed 'pink stinks' - but over the last ten years have grown to love pink and have broken the association with the whole 'pink is for girls' 'blue is for boys' think....

but in terms of my favorite color, for as long as I can remember green has always topped my favorite color list....

wonderful pics!