Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some Days Are Ripe for Film-Going

There are some days, even sunny ones,
when you get an urge to see a film
at your favorite independent film place

a non-profit concern dedicated to
enhancing the cultural vitality of the community
through the art of film.

So last weekend, even though it was sunny
and I felt guilty about spending two hours
sitting in the dark watching a film
instead of playing outside,

I let my desire to see a Swedish film called
"Everlasting Moments"
a film about a woman whose life was transformed
and made worth living despite its hardships
by a camera, override my guilt.

(by the way, I loved it. . .
the film, not the guilt)

My friend Jen met me
for the showing (and free popcorn for members)
and then we headed down the street to get a bite to eat
and were lucky enough to score a table outside.

Outside, where we could squint at each other
and worship the late afternoon sun
and have a little strawberry lemonade
and pizza (for Jen)
and pasta (for me).

And Jen could do what she always does
when she's not with her beau --

text messages with Mitch.

Ah, the thrill of new love after the end of a long marriage.

Some days are ripe for film-going,
some days are ripe for falling in love.

I'm still waiting for that bolt out of the blue.


Relyn Lawson said...

I just love independent movie theaters. There is one in Oregon where we used to live. The snack bar serves things like lattes, hagen daz ice cream bars, and handmade truffles. Heaven!

Delwyn said...

How lovely for you to:

see a good movie
have a friend like Jen
sit outside in the sun unrugged
share laughs
and hope...

Margaret Pangert said...

What a great outing! I loved the facade of the theater and the atmosphere of the sidewalk cafe, too. I'm not familiar with that movie, but I remember seeing several Swedish Bergman-Liv Ullman films. I'm so glad spring is here with summer just around the corner!

Anonymous said...

i havent been to the cinema in months! planning an evening out at the movies soon with a good friend whom i havent seen for ages.

Lynne said...

new love after the end of a long marriage... there's nothing like it! Especially if you can manage to avoid making the same mistakes, or bad choices a second time. Pure bliss. And in my case it was certainly a bolt out of the blue... a blessing when I least expected it.

Lynne said...

so funny... you have two of us commenting in a row with a profile pic of a strelitzia!