Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Me & Andy Warhol Knock-offs

Having just having peeked in on Misty's site,
after realizing that it's Wednesday,
I found that yes indeed
it's another self-portrait day.

What shall I do?
I don't want to take a picture of myself
today, even though
I have a new short layered hairdo,
a huge departure from the shoulder-length plus style
I wore until last Friday afternoon.

it's raining
I don't have an interesting mirror


So I'm posting a portrait
that didn't start out
as a self-portrait.

I needed a new passport
a few moons ago and thus
a new passport photo
so I smiled
for the camera
and hoped I didn't look
like a total dork.

I took one of the spares
and scanned it
and transformed it into
a self-portrait,
with more than a nod
to the example/genius
of Andy Warhol
and the pop art era.

Me and Marilyn Monroe
and a soup can.

Just like Marilyn Monroe.

How do you poke fun at yourself?


Kim Mailhot said...

Cool knock-offs ! Imagine having large paintings of your own face in bizarre colors on your livingroom wall ? You must have to have a bigger than life ego...or really, really love yourself, I guess ! ;-)

Happy Sp Wednesday !

Izzy said...

Oh, that's so much fun... love it.

Meri said...

It was fun. And I wish I could remember what filter in Photoshop or Digital Image Pro I used to translate the original photo into the line drawing It's driving me crazy!

Delwyn said...

These are great Meri,

Is your hair cut like this again now?

I make a fool of myself a few times a week doing my body balance routines which include tai chi - the routines are always changing so I am swanning around all over the place looking like the ugly duckling....very ungainly, but you know what...I don't really care...I used to , but now these things don't worry me...

Lovely pics Meri
Happy snapping days

Bagman and Butler said...

Andy Warhol would be proud. He would have also be lucky to have you as a model.

rebecca said...

you are...

Anonymous said...

looks great! i hate taking passport photos. always end up looking puffed up (mind you, that's probably how i normally look! the passport photos just let me see what others see all the time)

deb did it said...

Hey Meri! what a blast! Love the fun fotos! and better yet...LOVE THE NEW DO! spunky and spicy!

beth said...

love the look and your creativity !!!

to answer your question...I knew what I wanted for this past spc, but couldn't get my tripod to work around the railings of our stepped my fabulous hubby to the rescue....I told him what I was looking for and he was terrific to say the least to play along with my craziness !!!

Karen Cole said...

Oh boy, do I need to learn how to use photoshop!!!! This is awesome!

I'd blow it up, paint some acrylic medium on it....lots of heavy brush strokes, let it dry and's a painting....or, just leave it here and we can all admire it.

Meri said...

I spent about two hours today and this evening trying to reconstruct my process in taking that photo from original to "Andy Warhol." I cannot figure out for the life of me how I did it. If there's anyone out there who is a better Photoshop user than I am (which is about the whole universe), can you reconstruct the process and tell us all step-by-step?

Meri said...

I found this website
that can get us pretty close to what I did, but I can guarantee you that my process didn't use layers. It just confuses me to do layers, so I suspect I either stumbled on to something simpler or I used Microsoft Digital Image Pro to combine things since it's more intuitive to use.

The website has a step-by-step that makes it look pretty foolproof to follow.

Maybe we need to have a "pop art self portrait" challenge where we all follow the instructions and see what we get.