Earth Magic

a chill, quiet morning
near the sea

the scent of salt water
and sea grasses

white clouds dancing
airy waltzes,
seagull dance band
playing a song

I sip my steaming spicy chai,
steam escaping through the vents
in my travel mug.

gravel lying atop the rough roadway
crunches under my feet.

I am alone
with all the glory of nature
for company.

Earth magic.


Reya Mellicker said…
Oh man. Let's go!

Love your new avatar.
Meri said…
I love the new avatar, too. Beth ( took one of my photos and played with it. That's the result. (Thanks Beth!)

The walk was so serene -- it was early enough that I didn't encounter anyone else and just listened to the lapping of the waves against the rocky beach and the cries of the sea birds. Pure heaven!
HeartFire said…
Such lovely thoughts and it is the simple things that are so satisfying... great picture too.
ELK said…
oh how these words touch my heart ~ they really are magical!
Anonymous said…
i am reading this while sipping a steaming spicy chai - tho not from a travel mug :)
Delwyn said…

I was there with you...listening, smelling, sipping

Thanks Meri

I find the new photo and profile notes an interesting development...moving along...becoming...

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