Closed Loop and Haiku

Even though I posted once today,
I didn't want to miss the chance
to play in Tracy's Pink Purl Haiku Festival.

"Closed Loop" copyright 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian

Shiny images
reflect the undulating
traces of our past

Links to other participants are on Tracy's site
or Elizabeth's site "About New York."
And you should also see
Rebecca's and Karen's poems today.


A.Smith said…
Thank you Meri for your kind words. I too love the images and the poetry you composed, they are wonderfully paired and very evocative.
As usual...the master of reflected color.
Tracy said…
Your poem and image both evoke the sensual ribbon of time... love what you've shared with us here, Meri! So glad to meet you and find your dynamic, creative space here. Very happy you heard the work about the haiku event and jumped in and joined us--the more the merrier! I will add your name to my list, so others can find you too--never too late. :o) The response to the festival has been so good, I'm sure it will happen again!
MJ said…
Isn't your haiku the truth? When I look in the mirror, I should be proud of the hard-earned wrinkles! Thanks for the reminder!
Janet said…
Very interesting photo and interpretation of the haiku. Or was it the other way around? Love, love the colors! Thanks for sharing! and thanks for the kind words on my haiku post.
ELK said…
this image and 3 simple lines of verse speak volumes meri
Flower said…
Very nice Haiku..and great photo choice! It has been fun reading all the entries and the different expressions of Haiku!
Jennifer said…
Your poem is the perfect complement to your photo

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