Note to Myself # 15

Best friends
together through thick and Thin Mints,
through boyfriends and husbands
and often back to boyfriends
(if we're so inclined). . .
a sounding board
a person who'll tell you the truth
with love, when possible
and with no-holds-barred when not.
A person who loves you
when you're wearing no makeup
and your house is a mess,
and who's willing to go on vacation
with you when you just have to get outta town.

Who'll tell you secrets
and never, ever repeat yours.

To whom you say, "I'm on my way," 
when a crisis arises,
no matter what day or time or situation.

Who may sometimes make you mad,
but who would never ever vote for Trump
so you forgive her
(and she forgives you when ---
though it rarely happens ---
you annoy the hell out of her).

A sister 
in everything but birth.


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