Note to Myself # 1 2017

I don't believe in setting the usual
New Year's Resolutions.
The kind like I'm going to lose 42 pounds
or exercise 93 minutes per day.
They're bound to fail and then you feel guilty
for letting yourself down.

I much prefer reminders --
I call them "Notes to Myself" --
that highlight truths about living,
ways to be in the world,
or sometimes, even, just plain silliness.

This one is a serious one.
Sometimes we work ourselves into a thought-loop frenzy,
obsessing on some aspect of our current life
that's so traumatic or bothersome
that it seems like it's a permanent status.

Nothing is permanent.
Everything changes, mutates, morphs.

Alas, even happiness.

The only thing constant is change.


Annie Jeffries said…
It's not resolutions. It's not a To-Do List. For me, these words are fraught with failure. But over the last few days, I've been putting together a Goals List. When I start something, it moves to the In Progress List. When something is accomplished, it moves to the Completed list. Some are fast and easy. Others are more challenging. However, seeing this movement in my life and the daily changes that can happen on any of the lists is very gratifying and satisfying. Happy New Year, Meri.

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