Postcards from Paradise: Ireland

Today’s the day that the world turns Irish.
So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day,
I’m sharing a bit of the Emerald Isle.

Doolin -- and Irish music in the pubs!

Doonagore Castle, County Clare

A red door traditionally signifies a fully-paid-for house.

 Stone circle

Photo by Gavin Kremian

 Cemetery at Ross's Point  

May you know the power of the Shining Ones.

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Annie Jeffries said…
Such a happy collection of memories. I have two young friends honeymooning in Ireland right now and making their own happy memories.
Oh I do love these pictures!! Thank you! Happy, happy St. Pat's day to you!!! Cathy
Unknown said…
Didn't know about the red door. Beautiful photos.
Happy Green Day.
Anonymous said…
Wow LOVE those shots... especially the first one...‘May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow…’ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!
helen tilston said…
Hello Meri

A beautiful uplifting post.

The first image of Doolin brought back memoreis. I recall one night being in Doolin, during the month of June. (There is almost 22 hrs of daylight during this time of year) My family and I were in one of the pubs and there was live music and dancing till 2 am, then the band and dancers took to the streets and we danced half sets and sets till morning. Such fond memories.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

foxysue said…
My very first love was Irish, he had those eyes......sigh!

Sue x
Lenora said…
Doonagore Castle, County Clare, houses with no address, Giants Causeway, dancing with furry, raw energy, pubs with air so smoke thick I can barely see my companion, sheets of wet, a green more green than emerald, the light, stretches of sand Oregon style, nephews, brother-in-law to be, mad hatters.. Shafts of sun cut through.. You have opened a door to fond me rues from many years past.. Great images! thx.
I knew nothing about the tradition of the red door, but what a lovely tradition it is! Fully paid for!

Cactus Postcard
gma said…
I loved Doolin and County Clare the best out of all of Ireland.
Cliffs of Mohr too. Wonderfulness blowing in the breeze there.
carol l mckenna said…
Happy St Paddy's Day ~ Absolutely gorgeous photos ~thanks, namaste, Carol ^_^
rebecca said…
something about the emerald light, a place that dreams are made of. all this beauty completely inspired me and i left bloglandia for a extra stout guinness. see how late i am making my rounds????
Unknown said…
What a wonderful series of shots.
gorgeous! ireland is such a mystical place - I just loved the absolute ancient greenness of it when I was there and would love to visit again
rebecca said…
dear sweet friend,
thinking of you with this first day of spring. this welcome to renewal, to bursting open, to bloom bravely!
Hilary said…
Could a spot possibly be any prettier? I think not. Just gorgeous, Meri.

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