Camera Bag

One of the nifty software bits I have
is called Camera Bag.
There’s a new version 2 out.
I just bought it and haven’t played with it much,
though I will report that it got unstable and froze
on my first use and didn’t automatically save
images to a Camera Bag folder in my pictures superfolder
like the original version did.
Some more experimentation is called for.

I Camera Bagged one of my mandala images
So you can see the variety of options available
For re-imaging. Same size, same borders for each.  

Here's the original.

Using a "1974" version 

Helga version



Colorcross (hitting the reprocess button a couple of times)

and finally

There are even more options for processing and framing
in Camera Bag 2.
It's on sale for $24 right now.
There's a 30 day free trial in PCs and Mac formats.
You can get it for your mobile phone, as well. 


Anonymous said…
I downloaded a free trial and played with it a bit, not terribly impressed, but what do you think?

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