Enough Said

There’s free speech.

And then there’s downright offensive speech
that should come at a cost.

The loss of advertising revenue seems apropos.

To read about sponsors dropping out
in light of Rush's vile remarks,
click HERE.


A.Smith said…
Free speech is sacred. Offensive speech is the sign of sociopaths with no self respect or restraint. What everyone appears to ignore is that in fact he called every woman who takes a contraceptive a slut and a prostitute because if their insurance pays in fact we are all contributing to the pool and that makes her...what?

Someone with a conscience who worries about the welfare and future of a child in a world we have yet to learn how to survive with each other, leave along get along with each other.

This from a man who is on record as having a drug problem and who has no children. I guess he is barren not only in his brains...

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