Postcards from Paradise: Search for Serenity

Sometimes I've been lucky enough to find
a little oasis of serenity

in a world that seems a little mad
from time to time.


rebecca said…
dear meri,

this completely charms my heart. thank you for taking me into this tea house of quiet joy.

this week has been a particularly difficult one for me. each postcard offered today has lifted my heart in ways i cannot begin to explain.

thank you meri...and everyone for the light of your sweet and kind hearts.
for standing like perfect candles in the rain.
gma said…
Beautiful reflection of serenity.
I can feel the peace.Did you have a tea ceremony there?
Miss Robyn said…
divine. you could just sit and look deeply into the water and lose yourself in thoughts. I can feel the serenity seeping from your 'postcard'...xo
My goodness! This seems like more than a mere oasis. It seems like a whole separate planet of serenity!
Cheryl said…
OMG! Where did you find this? Is it here?
It is just lovely Meri. It reminds me a bit of the teagarden at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. They have some wonderful little teahouses throughout that section of the park. so serene. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
isnt that wonderful?
foxysue said…
Well this is so lovely to reflect on fist thing of a morning. This is a bank holiday here in the UK so I can stay a little longer in bloglandia!

Sue x
I love reflections in water and your second picture is a rich and colorful treat to the eye.
Anonymous said…
I agree that your photo conveys serenuty. Well-done!
She Who Doodles said…
this is me, green with envy. enjoy.
Kim Mailhot said…
if you find the world mad only from time to time, you must have profited from those serene places a lot, Miss Meri !
Thank you for the voyage there.
Happy Tuesday !
Meikah said…
Oh this is such a lovely green and red tree house! :)

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