Postcards from Paradise: Amalfi Coast

Without a doubt, the Amalfi Coast
is one of the most beautiful places
I've ever seen.

Ready for more visual blessings?

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deb did it said…
oh my....maybe I wanna go there...? You show it deliciously via beautiful photography!
Anonymous said…
Stunning photos ... I enjoyed my mini-vacation! Thank you for sharing.
foxysue said…
When my ship comes in I'll be setting sail for the Amalfi Cost....


Sue x
~JarieLyn~ said…
it's visually stimulating. Very nice. Love the second photo of all the umbrellas.
rebecca said…
seriously stunning!!!!
thanks for new dreams.
helen tilston said…
This is a truly magical place. Your photos make it sing.
Thanks you for this post
Helen xx
Stunning, colorful images of an absolute paradise Meri. Thank you for bringing it to us. Just gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
on my list of places to visit.
Unknown said…
I want to go!! Those rooftops painted with fuchsia...



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