Postcards from Paradise: Harley

Truly not my cup of tea

but paradise for somebody.

I am a fan of turquoise

and shiny, however.


phantasmagorical photos nicely shaped and formed and with tasteful color!
The photographs are stunning, blinding even! Wow. I think that you have made yourself a career with the Harley people. I might even buy one now. Beautiful work. I linked you at rebecca's,
Noelle x
It's perfectly OK to look and admire, but not ride!
foxysue said…
You always do wonderful things with blue, I think it must be your favourite colour?

Sue x
rebecca said…
you find beauty in every direction.
beautiful shots...and reflections!
Sandy K. said…
These are fabulous, Meri:). You could be in advertising! I thought I liked the top one best...but the self-portrait in the helmet tickles my fancy!
Reena said…
Not my cup of tea either... but your photos are!
Nanka said…
Loved the reflections and the dark and shine so perfect!! The turquoise is dazzling!!
~JarieLyn~ said…
I really love the first photo. The color is magnificent and so is the shine.
Cheryl said…
It's been a long time since I rode a Harley, miss it mucho. Love that you photographed reflections.
Annie Jeffries said…
Once upon a time, long, long ago, I fearlessly road on the backs of bikes. No more but I still admire their beauty, their sleekness.

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